How To Create An Impressive Dissertation Proposal In 4 Simple Steps

Your dissertation is vital for your future career, so you have to put a lot of work into it. Before you can even start working on it, you have to create your proposal and present it in front of your professors. If they like your ideas, they will allow you to continue with your project. On the other hand, if they don’t agree with what you want to do they will ask you to change the subject and you will have to start everything all over again. Here is how to create an impressive dissertation from the start and avoid all the trouble:

  1. Make sure that your topic is controversial. Your professors want to challenge you, to make you think outside the box and come up with something new. If you present the same old topic that all students write about, they will not be impressed and there is a big chance that they will ask you to edit your proposal. Find topics in magazines, newspapers, by talking with your friends, anything that will bring you something new and original.
  2. Make your proposal interesting. This is how you can make them accept without hesitation. You have to tell them how your dissertation will change something, and what impact it can have over other people. At the same time, tell them that you are planning to use some interesting research methods, like taking an interview from a famous person or going to visit an exotic place. If this will not convince them, nothing else will.
  3. Bring some new evidence. If you make enough research, for sure you will find some evidence about this topic that they did not know about. This will tell them that you are ready to work as much as you can to impress them, and they will be curious to know what you want to do next.
  4. Bring pictures and videos. They say that an image is worth 1000 words, so you can use this in your advantage. While you are reading your proposal, show them some pictures that are relevant to the subject. This will make them understand just how important this is, and they will visualize the final result. At the same time, you can allow them to watch a short video as long as it is connected to the subject.

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