Dissertation Proposal Writing: 5 Essential Aspects

When it comes to writing your dissertation proposal, there are some important factors that you must always take into consideration. Not everyone that you come across will be able to perhaps mention all of them, especially your teachers. There are times when teachers basically give you the simple stuff, then you are expected to use that to figure out the rest of what you need to do. This is also what happens in the course of proposal writing for your dissertation.

You are usually given a supervisor to help you get through this task very easily. For this reason, you can consider talking to them about some of the issues that you are not able to understand about this task. In terms of the proposal, there are important aspects that have to feature, or your work will be considered unsatisfactory. The following is a list of 5 of the most important elements of your paper, which most teachers will be looking for:

  • Choose the correct tense
  • Have an appropriate title
  • Impressive introduction
  • Outline the research process
  • Fitting conclusion

Choose the correct tense

One area where most students start failing simple tasks like this one, is their inability to get the correct tense necessary. It is important that you spend as much time as possible polishing up on this. Your proposal is supposed to be written in the future tense, not present or past.

Have an appropriate title

In as much as it is just a proposal, it is still important that you spend as much time as possible working on the title. You have to ensure you look into this, so that when the time comes, you can easily get anyone who reads it to appreciate the kind of work you are doing.

Impressive introduction

The introduction is where you make or break your paper. It is through here that you will be able to get all the work a good perspective. Your teacher in particular will be looking towards this, so that you can highlight the work you need to do.

Outline the research process

Have a good outline for the work that you are doing. This will in most cases help you get a lot of work into perspective.

Fitting conclusion

Finally, write the best conclusion for this task. A good conclusion is the best way to complete the work that you are doing, and score good results too.

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