A Collection Of 23 Original Ideas For Masters’ Dissertation

The type of dissertation proposal depends on the academic background. A thesis written down by a master's graduate may not be similar to that of a doctorate graduate. Many are the times you write down your thesis on a certain topic and feel confident in its success. Nevertheless, some end up feeling frustrated when they find out their topic had been covered earlier.


Typically, there is no longer any original information. This is because more and more research is being conducted, unveiling new ideas. However, this does not mean you should get discouraged when you are expected to write your thesis. Originality of your work basically involves you coming up with a new use of the already researched information. When research is connected to something that seems unrelated, the findings become original.

Below is a collection of 23 sources of ideas for your thesis paper:

  1. Extensive reading and research in areas that may not be related to your field.
  2. Personal creativity and curiosity that results to a combination of notions and application of different approaches.
  3. Interaction with other academicians and lecturers through seminars or free hours. This will expose you to looking at things with a different perception.
  4. Aim for a different expectation which nobody else has attained.
  5. Identify and look Into a topic that has never been addressed. To make things easier have a specific topic from which you are identifying a gap.
  6. Involve a different method to an already existing study. The method may or may not be new.
  7. Identify the players who will be involved on your thesis topic.
  8. Identify opportunities from your career field.
  9. Look for something that arouses your interests.
  10. Other people's dissertations or journals.
  11. From other thesis papers you have written.
  12. Web site and search engines. Go for a firm that is in your field.
  13. Journal, books, magazines or publications. You may combine a few thoughts from each.
  14. Generate suggestions from one main and simple notion.
  15. Have a look at a topic that you can easily test.
  16. Conduct a thorough analysis on a topic.
  17. Build up on topic that had been poorly investigated.
  18. Dissertation writing services and agencies.
  19. Consider both big and small problems.
  20. Go beyond your boundaries.
  21. Survey current issues and problems.
  22. Already existing research, statistics and methodologies.
  23. Course work.

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