List Of The Best Thesis Topics For Computer Science Students

When you are talking about thesis topics you need to be quite sure about what you are going to choose. It is one important decision of your life on the basis of which your merit will be judged throughout your life. These papers are generally to be submitted at the end of the semester. You need to do a great research and come out with excruciating details of every fact that you can gather. Try to be as unique as you can in choosing a title.

If you are a computer science student then try to work on the latest technological trends. The catchier it would be more the people will love to read your paper.

List of best thesis topics for computer science students:

  • Describe about the Embedded Systems automated partitioning via legacy code

  • Describe the basic structure and the functioning of Masco Architectures Automated Partitioning Via code

  • What do you mean by Implementation of FGIP of ASIP Processors and its usage?

  • Describe in details the integration of McPA and Simple scalar to Multiprocessor platforms.

  • What do you mean by Optimization of Video Coding, which is a multi view one?

  • Describe in details about the Software upgradation and multiprocessor simulation implementation in sim-cache. Where do you find its use?

  • Talk about the designing of hardware, which is meant for Attacking via Power Analysis in case of Embedded Systems and mention the places of use.

  • What do you know about Code Analysis’ GUI Design (interactive) and how can you use them to change the visuals of the software?

  • How will you be able to create ARGUS platform (Leon 3).

  • Describe the different software tools for partitioning of code with the usage of LLVM/CLANG.

  • What do you know about the development of hardware on Multiprocessor Platform(ESLoC)?

  • Describe in details the tasks pertaining to runtime Mapping , which is meant for Multicore Platform (ARGUS).

  • Write a thesis paper on Network-on-Chips designing which is meant for ESLoC Platform.

  • The latest trend in Computer history is set by the newly set Operating System, which is designed specifically for the Multiprocessor platform (Argus). Discuss about it.

  • Describe in details the fundamentals of how Communication Architecture (Heterogeneous ) was evaluated for MPSoCs present in ARGUS.

  • What do you mean by the process of Mapping Techniques meant for evaluation of Heterogeneous MPSoCs meant for ARGUS and talk about its uses?

  • The newest of discoveries of IP Generation(automatic) for framework of ARGUS within FPGAs is a landmark in the computer science industry. Discus in details about it.

  • How to verify programs which are concurrent and are operated via a real-time OS.

  • Discuss in details about the cloud services.

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