Writing A Dissertation Introduction: Effective Suggestions

The dissertation is a long project, usually given to final year college and doctoral students. It requires one to choose a subject of study, formulate a thesis statement and conduct research, or experiments where necessary, to either refute of support their initial statement in a final document. A very important section of this task is the opening, the first words a reader is likely to read can greatly influence the impact your essay is likely to have on them. The following are some effective suggestions for use consideration while writing your dissertation introduction:

  1. Consider your target audience and their interests.
  2. Your target audience, be it your peers, teacher, the general public or mentor, are more likely to appreciate your paper and give you a good grading if they themselves share some level of interest in that which you speak of. Take the time to choose a topic that is of interest to your readers, this will greatly improve the impact your thesis will have.

  3. Make a bold hypothesis specifically geared towards impacting your target readers.
  4. Nothing peaks our interest more than a controversial or surprising statement and this strategy can be used to inspire interest in your research. Making an extreme hypothesis also allows you to identify various ways of approaching your study as well as making it much harder to misrepresent what you may conclude.

  5. Provide the readers with the most important aspect of your study after you make your thesis statement.
  6. Your introduction should be short and informative, giving readers a taste of what to expect in your paper without providing too much detail. Choose the most significant point in your study and use the first paragraph to introduce your readers to this idea, hinting at more information further on.

  7. Give some information on the subject but keep it short.
  8. After reading your introduction , readers must have an idea of what your entire paper is about and so it’s okay to touch on several topics. Remember to be concise and do not go into too much detail about any one particular topic or point.

  9. End your first paragraph by alluding to more information on the topic further on.
  10. A trick that many authors use is the transitional hook. This is a simple literary device that involves the author making a comment about a particular topic of interest at the end of a paragraph, thus encouraging readers to view the rest of the essay.

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