Using A Dissertation Example: Things You Should Know

You are looking at perhaps the largest writing assignment of your life. The doctoral dissertation is the crowning glory years of academic work and long hours. Furthermore, it can set you on the path to an academic career or a rewarding life in research. You’ve never done this before, and may have some concerns on how to do it. A dissertation example will give you a little bit of guidance on that road to the final document. As you are doing this here are some things to think about along the way.

  • - There Are Lots of Examples out There. All you need to do is find them. You can start by asking your advisor if he or she has some examples you can take a look at. Don’t be shy about asking because the advisor is there to help you. You also can check the library to see if there any bound dissertations in the stacks, you can even look online for dissertation examples.
  • - Be Sure the Example Is in Tune with Your Guidelines. Your department gave you a list of specifications which have to be followed. The reason for this is that your paper may be published in scholarly journal sometime later on. The example that you look at may have great information but might not be consistent with the guidelines you must follow. Check your instructions against the example before you start examining it.
  • - Only Use Good-Quality Examples. Some websites offer examples that are inferior in quality. This is pretty useless to you and you should ignore such garbage. If after you have read a few paragraphs you deduce that the example isn’t worth your time, it probably isn’t. Look for something better.
  • - That Example Does Not Belong to You. It is possible to be tempted to do some copying, but that is the worst idea you could possibly have. It does not matter where you found the example; it is not your intellectual property. Should you succumb to the temptation of lifting some of the paragraphs you will be guilty of plagiarism. That ends your academic career, and there is no Court of Appeal.

Let the example stimulate your thoughts and create new ideas. You may discover the example is leading you in a direction which is unique and to the research that previously done. This is where a dissertation example can provide an enormous benefit for you. What you write is ultimately going to be your original thoughts and efforts. The example helps guide you in the right direction.

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