How To Make The Most Of An Electronic Dissertation Database

You are supposed to write papers, thesis, dissertations and exams on or during the course of your study. Apart from that endless teaching, research is an integral part of any thesis writing. If you are looking for an endless electronic database, surf web and decrease your number of visits to the library.

Check out some of the reliable electronic databases

  1. Highwire Press: You can access approximately two millions text articles for free. Most of such journals are hardly two years old and comes in the category of most authenticated ones.
  2. National Academy Press: The National Academy Press publishes the dissertations for Science, Engineering and Medicine by their respective academies. Hundreds of books are published for capturing the views on wide range of topics.
  3. Astronomy and Astrophysics: There are some electronic databases that hold hundreds of fresh books on varied topics related with science, technology, engineering and health. These electronic database is usually funded by large institutions.
  4. Free electronic library accessible by public: Students can access thousands of classical books in electronic versions through online library.
  5. Online websites: Students who want to access full text articles should go through a variety of texts like newspapers, articles, magazines, journals etc. You can make your search possible by taking their free subscriptions.
  6. Free resources designed by faculty and students of higher education: The collection is growing gradually. Have a look at all the reviews, online materials, assignments etc to enrich your experience. Furthermore, be careful about other resources as you need to critically evaluate them as they are not reviewed by the peers.
  7. Watch online pages of various books via page numbers: Various universities have this facility on their web libraries.
  8. Check websites to access free online books: There is unlimited variety of books to be referred.
  9. Educational resources information centre: Check full text via thousands of documents.

How to collect log in your research paper?

Collect notes on interesting topics. Write them in your log list. Go through the topic and research it well. You never know in what form it will become helpful. Check out how previous researchers used the data. Write striking facts and jot down your own ideas.

Apart from that often read your logs. Over a period of time thoughts will start connecting to create a brilliant piece of dissertation. Craft workable ideas and define them. During the course of your study, write the questions that you need to find answer, type of problem that emerge and prepare notes along with the methodology and results. Relate current articles and record your comments in the log.

Apart from that plan your work and be prepared mentally to get started.

Helpful Sites

Need help with thesis or dissertation? Try this dissertation writing guide or use some websites which can write your thesis online.