Writing An Excellent Doctoral Thesis: Helpful Suggestions

Becoming a doctor of anything takes time and energy so if you intend to write your thesis to this end, the following suggestions may help you immensely:

  • Decide if this is the right field for you
  • It can be difficult to change course after years of study especially if others expect you to continue along a particular track. This does not matter. If you are about to devote years of study and research to the completion of your thesis, it’s better to change your mind before you start than midway through. Once you are certain that you will not regret your choice later on you can get started.

  • Collect sample theses to refer to
  • There are many completed these that you can refer to for your own edification. They may be in your campus library. In such cases all you need to do is ask the library staff to direct you. When you search online you will meet a dearth of samples as well.

  • Compare the samples
  • If you found your samples in different places you will notice that they are not all of the same quality. Look at them closely and compare them. What made one especially good while another was very bad? This will help you to critique your own work as you write it.

  • Contact someone who has done this well before
  • You may still not be ready to write your own work skillfully just yet. Ask someone who knows the ropes to show you a few tips and tricks. This can help you to get your own ideas flowing as well. They can prevent you from forming bad habits too.

  • Speak to a tutor
  • It can seem that by the time you reach the doctoral level you should no longer need a tutor at all. Indeed, you may have a very hard time finding a tutor who is more educated than a doctoral student but if you do this person is worth their weight in gold to you. Ask him or her all of your questions and ask them frequently if you ever develop new concerns.

  • Purchase simple services
  • Plagiarism is not seen in a very positive light in most academic institutions and so it is recommended that you avoid it at all costs. Completely separate from this is the practice of hiring others to edit, format or proofread. This merely saves time.

Helpful Sites

Need help with thesis or dissertation? Try this dissertation writing guide or use some websites which can write your thesis online.