Things To Remember While Picking A Dissertation Topic

Choice of topic can really affect the difficulty of writing any paper so it is no surprise that many students spend some time considering their choices before deciding on a title for their dissertation. There are many factors that decide whether or not a title is a good one. These factors may seem minuscule and are easy to miss for the inexperienced writer, however they can become intensely obvious after one has begun writing, often forcing a student to scrap all their progress so far and start over. Here are some simple but important things to remember when picking a dissertation topic:

  1. Familiarity with the subject
  2. Familiarity with a subject means you will be required to do much less research and the research you do conduct, will be easily organized and focused. This is quite an effective strategy for making a dissertation extremely easy to write since you will be required exert less effort in understanding the topic than someone conducting research on an unfamiliar subject.

  3. Access to information on the subject.
  4. Access to sources of information can be a serious obstacle when conducting research so be careful to select a title that has a lot of data available on it. Depending on your available resources, you may not be able to conduct extensive experimentation or practical investigation so consider how you will acquire your information before deciding on a topic.

  5. The ability to perform practical experimentation
  6. If you can choose a title that enables you to conduct your own, original experimentation and research, it could be an opportunity to contribute to society in a very real way.

  7. The relevance to your expected readers
  8. Readers are more likely to read your paper if the subject of discussion has some effect on or relevance to their lives.

  9. Your ability to understand and present a convincing argument on the subject
  10. There are many unsolved questions in the world and many of them are this way simply because we lack the technological ability to investigate or understand them adequately. Choose a topic that you feel you can make some form or progress in.

  11. The possibility of formulating a convincing conclusion that is supported by data
  12. Every paper must end with a convincing conclusion and this should be considered when selecting a subject to investigate and present a paper on. Some preliminary brainstorming and investigation can help you identify topic choices that are practical to your dissertation efforts.

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